FAQ: About Chi Alpha at TCU

Is chi alpha a fraternity or sorority?

  • We’re not a fraternity or a sorority (although we’re a great place to find brothers and sisters); rather, our name is Greek because the New Testament was written in Greek. It comes from 2 Corinthians 5:20 which says “we are therefore Christ’s (Chi) Ambassadors (Alpha).” We often abbreviate our name as XA. We are here to introduce university students to Jesus and teach them they can change the world by living out their faith in Christ. This is done through our three core values of Community, Discipleship, and Service. 


  • Chi Alpha is affiliated with the Assemblies of God, but welcome anyone to be a part of our community.  Our staff and students come from all different denominational backgrounds and we believe that our unity in Christ transcends denominational differences.  Our goal is to gather together as a body, learn from each others’ strengths, and experience a relationship with God that exists beyond doctrinal differences.


why should I join a LifeGroup?

  • Love, Honor, Transparency, and Authenticity, these are the things we hope to mark our LifeGroups. Face it, you do life everyday. Why not surround yourself with a group of men or women who are devoted to fight for you when you are down and cheer you on through victory? Life is real. No one should go through it alone.

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