Life Groups are the most important thing we do at TCU Chi Alpha.

We believe that no one was meant to live life alone. Life Groups offer you the opportunity to be a part of a community, a family of students that truly share life together. Each week we study scripture, learn from one another, and pray for each other, but that’s just the beginning. The relationships formed in these groups extend beyond the boundaries of the specific “time frame” of the group. Our desire at Chi Alpha is not to get you to sign up for another “Bible study”, but to be involved in a life-giving community of brothers or sisters that encourage you, support you, and fight for you through every success and struggle you come across in your years at TCU and beyond. 

When do LifeGroups meet?





What to expect when you attend a group:

1. We keep Life Group to a set time frame 
All of our Life Groups are an hour and a half or less. We understand that students have a million things going on, so we do this to help make sure that school and other commitments can be a priority. 

2. Our Life Groups are not coed 
Let’s be honest, it’s impossible to be completely real about what you’re going through in a coed situation. There are things you can talk about with your guys, or your girls that you wouldn’t want to talk about in a coed group. Authenticity is key to having a healthy Life Group, and gender based groups is how we accomplish this at Chi Alpha.

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